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Taper Pointed Air Rods Earthing Accessories
Air rod used in conventional lightning protection systems to be the point of interception for lightning strikes and as such should be considered for inclusion in any air termination design. Air rods require other components such as saddles, brackets and coupling at the time of installations.

Material: Copper / Brass / Aluminium.

AT-TPA-16-0.3 5/8" or 16 mm 300
AT-TPA-16-0.5 5/8" or 16 mm 500
AT-TPA-16-1 5/8" or 16 mm 1000
AT-TPA-16-1.5 5/8" or 16 mm 1500
AT-TPA-16-2 5/8" or 16 mm 2000
AT-TPA-20-0.3 3/4" or 20 mm 300
AT-TPA-20-0.5 3/4" or 20 mm 500
AT-TPA-20-1 3/4" or 20 mm 1000
AT-TPA-20-1.5 3/4" or 20 mm 1500
AT-TPA-20-2 3/4" or 20 mm 2000
AT-TPA-20-3 3/4" or 20 mm 3000
Air Rod Terminal Base
Used in conjunction with an air rod, the flat saddle fixes onto the roof network of the lightning protection system connection the tape to the air rod.

Material: Gunmetal, Brass.
AT-ART-16 5/8" of 16 mm
AT-ART-20 3/4" of 20 mm
Earthing Accessories Earthing Accessories Earthing Accessories Earthing Accessories
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