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October 19, 2019
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October 24, 2019
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Cable Gland Supplier in Gujarat

Cable Glands is a gadget intended to append and tie down the finish of an electrical link to the hardware. Atlas Metal Industries well-known industries in Cable Gland Supplier in Gujarat, India. We, Atlas Metal Industries manufacture very well Cable Glands on which you can trust with closed eyes.

Cable Glands are mechanical connection segment devices. They are used all through different organizations identified with connection and wiring used in electrical instrumentation and motorization structures.

Cable Glands may be used on a wide scope of electrical power, control, instrumentation, data, and communicate interchanges joins. They are used as a fixing and end contraption to ensure that the properties of the isolated region in which the connection enters can be kept up adequately.

Types of Cable Glands we offer,

  • E* Series Cable Gland
  • A2 Series* Cable Gland Type A2F
  • A2 Series* Cable Gland Type A1-A2
  • Adaptors & Reducers
  • Stop Plugs
  • BW4PT Cable Glands
  • CW4PT Cable Glands
  • E1W Cable Glands
  • IP68 PG Cable Glands
  • IP68 Metric Cable Glands
  • Double Compression Weather & Flame Proof Glands
  • BW 2 PT Cable Glands
  • CW 3 PT Type Cable Glands
  • CW 3 PT Type 2 Cable
  • A2 CXT Type Cable Glands
  • Aluminium Cable Glands
  • IP54 Cable Glands
  • A2 Compression Cable Glands
  • BWR Rotary Cone Type Glands
  • Alco Cable Glands
  • Marine Cable Glands

We are also manufacturing and supplying Cable Ties ToolBrass Compression Fittings for Copper Tubing.

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