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May 16, 2019
Conduit Fittings Manufacturer
Conduit Fittings Manufacturer
May 21, 2019

Cable Lugs Manufacturer

Atlas Metal Industries is known as Cable Lugs ManufacturerATLAS METAL INDUSTRIES is an establishment of over 22 years of excellence and commitment in the Indian market as well as the international market. Atlas Metals Industries having a modern and latest manufacturing technologies and machinery unit in Jamnagar (Gujarat) our main products are ATCAB and ATFIT.

Conveying the way of life forward, the ATLAS GROUP propelled ATFIT Brand as the brand name “ATFIT” equivalent words to the Fittings of Brass Precision Turned Components. The brand itself is created with such innovation which changes the structures into living ideas.

We offer items in an assortment of metals like Brass, Zinc, Stainless Steel, and so forth and furthermore we make altered items precisely as per the particular of the client and keep the longing to give the best quality which fulfills client’s desires at aggressive costs.

What are Cable Lugs?

Ever pondered what is the silver shining metal toward the finish of your links or between your wires?

All things considered, It is a Cable Lug. Link drags are gadgets utilized for interfacing links to electrical machines, different links, surfaces, or systems. The braces that interface wires to a car battery are a typical case of link drags, just like the closures of battery jumper links. Intended to be effectively introduced and evacuated for fixes or support, link carries are commonly utilized when perpetual, direct-affixing techniques are not practical or important.

Cable Lugs might be furnished with security covering to stay away from stuns or defensive covering to maintain a strategic distance from harm to the link drags and connectors and avoid cut off.

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