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Earthing Accessories Supplier in Gujarat
October 24, 2019
Conduit Fitting Supplier in India, Conduit Fittings
Conduit Fittings
November 5, 2019
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Electrical Cable Lugs

Atlas Metal Industries is known as Electrical Cable Lugs manufacturer and supplier in Jamnagar, Gujarat,  India. ATLAS METAL INDUSTRIES is an establishment of over 22 years of excellence and commitment in the Indian market as well as the international market. Atlas Metals Industries having a modern and latest manufacturing technologies and machinery unit in Jamnagar (Gujarat) our main products are ATCAB and ATFIT.

What are Cable Lugs?

Ever wondered what is the silver sparkling metal close to the realization of your affiliations or between your wires?

Everything thought of it as a Cable Lug. Association takes are gadgets utilized for interfacing association with electrical machines, different affiliations, surfaces, or systems. The sponsorships that interface wires to a vehicle battery are a standard occasion of connection pull, various partners to the terminations of battery jumper joins.

Expected to be sensibly displayed and cleared for fixes or backing, interface passes on are commonly utilized while unending, direct-checking systems are not shrewd or essential.

Cable Lugs might be outfitted with security covering to sidestep weakens or watched stowing away to keep a key partition from evil to the alliance takes and connectors and decline to cut off.


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