About Us

Who We Are

Atlas Metal is an establishment with 25 years of excellence and commitment in the Indian Metal products market with a stronghold in the national and international market. It holds modern and latest manufacturing technology machinery unit at Jamnagar (Gujarat). Our team leaves no stone unturned to meet the increasing needs of the customer.

Conceived way back in 1996, Atlas Metal Industries began by manufacturing brass electrical wiring & earthing accessories with brand name ‘ATCAB’. It holds a highly reputed position as one of the leading manufacturing and exporting companies in this large Industry.

Carrying the culture forward, Atlas Group launched brand ‘ATFIT’ derived from Fittings – of Brass Precision Turned Components. We offer products in a variety of metals like Brass, Zinc, Stainless Steel etc. and also we make customized products exactly in accordance with the specification of the customer and keep desire to provide best quality which satisfies customer’s expectations at a competitive price.


Years of Excellence


Company Goals


To become a futuristic and complete solution provider in the cable glands and accessories industry and provide customised solutions through Atlas EDGE.

Enhancing quality, capacity and innovation each day
Developing unwavering international bonds
Gearing towards a sustainable future
Empowering all associated stakeholders


Produce world-class products with a customer-centric approach with a commitment to creating a better world for all people and nations.

Being rooted in values to render the best quality at the best possible prices and evolve dynamically with technology to be at par with what the world needs.


Honesty, Integrity and Humility are the core values of Atlas Metal.

Delivering the best quality products with competitive prices in honesty, along with commitment, safety and seamless customisation.

We respect everyone equally – right from the bottom to top-level management, stakeholders and customers alike.

We believe strongly in growing as a team.



Our Policies

Health and Safety Policy

Atlas Metal strives to create a safe and healthy working environment since employee welfare is our priority.

All activities that would endanger the health and safety of our employees will always be monitored. Regular health surveillance will be made as per necessity.

Atlas Metal takes care of the employees as they are all an integral part of the Atlas family.

Environmental Policy

Atlas Metal is an environment-focused company that holds a policy that does not harm the environment locally, nationally or globally.

We will continuously measure the impact on the environment and strive for continuous improvement.

Atlas Metal will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and mandatory requirements and shall continuously raise awareness among our staff regarding the environmental issues and enlist their support in improving the company’s performance.

Customer Services

Atlas Metal is committed to going beyond customer satisfaction. Along with high-quality products, Atlas ensures effective and personal pre and post-association with the client. Atlas Metal provides specialised training to technicians to provide better service to customers like:

  • 1) Installations and personnel for assistance to clients.
  • 2) Analyze faults to rectify them as soon as possible.
  • 3) Rectify the issues by out minor repairs at the site etc.