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Who we are

ATLAS METAL INDUSTRIES is an establishment of over 21 years of excellence and commitment in the Indian market as well as international market. Atlas Metal Industries having a modern and latest manufacturing technology and machinery unit in Jamnagar (Gujarat). We have a qualified team to meet the increasing needs of the customer.

Conceived way back in 1996, Atlas Metal Industries begin with the manufacturing of brass electrical wiring & earthing accessories with “ATCAB” brand name. Which hold a highly reputed position as one of the leading manufacturing and exporting company in this renowned Industry.

Carrying the culture forward, the ATLAS GROUP launched ATFIT Brand as the brand name "ATFIT” synonyms to the Fittings of Brass Precision Turned Components. The brand itself is developed with such technology which transforms the designs into living concepts.

We offer products in a variety of metals like Brass, Zinc, Stainless Steel etc. and also we make customized products exactly in accordance with the specification of the customer and keep desire to provide best quality which satisfies customer’s expectations at a competitive price.


Company Goals



Since we started this company in the year 1996, We have created a vision for ATLAS to be one of the leading manufacturers of brass electrical wiring & earthing accessories and we have been working relentlessly towards making this a reality.

We are currently exporting our products with our promising ATCAB brand in 30+ countries with the excellence in our services. In coming five years our vision is to export globally across the world.

We aim to deliver our new brand ATFIT products with the same kind of consistent, excellence, quality, services and goodwill that ATCAB brand holds into the market.

In alignment with our vision to be the best, we believe & aim in keeping manufacturing infrastructure upgraded with the new innovations, machineries & technologies. Innovation isn’t just about product development, but it also helps in upgrading employee’s knowledge which make them ease at their work as well as customer satisfaction in the modern era.

We Visualize, We Plan, We Implement, We Achieve. that’s what it defines ATLAS!



ATLAS mission is to create a better life for the people by providing world class products. It’s our goal to be globe’s most customer-centric company, where customer gets customized solutions for their needs.

Our commitments to our prospects and consumers will be always paramount, as we do not believe in selling the products and earning the profits, but we do believe in selling of brand quality and earning the customer trust and satisfaction by offering the consumer best possible prices, quality, services, and values.

We strive with continuous improvements and continuing to earn the customer trust and providing them satisfaction.

Our mission will be always to get the innovation & technology in this modern era by delighting the consumers and employees by relentlessly delivering the platform and technology advancements.

Our most significant mission is to maintain a customer relationship with following fair business practices, we do believe in keeping sportsmanship while doing business with quality ethics and principles.



We regulate our company with the values of honesty, integrity and with humility.

Our values of doing business are delivering the best quality with competitive prices, along with commitment, safety and with continuous improvement. We respect everyone equally – right from the bottom to top level management.

This is how we grow as a team. So, we believe in equality for each and every effort of our employees take.


Health & Safety Policy

Our employees are our responsibility so, safe and healthy working environment is our priority.

Any activities which endanger the health and safety of our employees such activities will be always monitored. If necessary, arrangement for health surveillance will be made.

We take care of our employees as they are a part of our family. So, we believe in Health & Safety first.


Environmental Policy

We are environment focused company, we do hold environmental policy which does not harm the local, national as well as global environment.

We continuously measure its impact on the environment and strive for the continuous improvements.

We will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and mandatory requirements and shall continuously raise awareness among our staff regarding the environmental issues and enlist their support in improving the Company’s performance


Customer Services

To provide better service to customers, we provide specialized training to the technicians for eg:

  • 1) Installations personnel on our products.
  • 2) How to analyze faults.
  • 3) carry-out rectification by carrying out minor repairs at the site etc.
  • Atlas Metal Industries is committed to provide the highest level of customer service and welcome the feedback. You may send your suggestions & comments as to how we can improve our service or what additional services are required.

    Atlas Metal Industries provides services to its Distributors/ Dealers/End User on a continuous basis and when required, as complete customer satisfaction is the focus. Atlas Metal Industries takes pride in providing high-quality products and the services to maintain brass products over the years.