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Brass Compression Fittings for Copper Tubing
October 17, 2019
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October 22, 2019
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Cable Ties Tool

Atlas Metal Industries is known as Cable Ties Tool manufacturer and supplier in India. ATLAS METAL INDUSTRIES is an establishment of over 22 years of excellence and commitment in the Indian market as well as the international market. Atlas Metals Industries having a modern and latest manufacturing technologies and machinery unit in Jamnagar (Gujarat) our main products are ATCAB and ATFIT.

Cable tie is a kind of lock, for holding things together, essentially electrical connections or wires. By virtue of their insignificant exertion and convenience, connect ties are all-inclusive, finding use in a wide extent of various applications. Solidified steel structures, either uncovered or secured with harsh plastic, give nourishment to outside applications and risky conditions.

The normal cable tie, routinely made of nylon, has a versatile tape territory with teeth that attract with a pawl in the head to outline a wrench so that as the free finish of the tape section is pulled the connection tie fixes and doesn’t come unwound. A couple of ties join a tab that can be disheartened to release the wrench with the objective that the tie can be removed or emptied, and maybe reused.

We are manufacturing Three types of Cable Ties,


Take a look at our other product Brass Pipe Fittings, Cable Lugs, Brass Compression Fittings.

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