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ATEX Cable Glands Selection Guide - Atlas Metal
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Ensuring Safety in Hazardous Environments: A Guide to Selecting ATEX Cable Glands

In the complex and hazardous environments where industries operate, safety is not just a priority; it is a necessity. Among the myriad components that contribute to a safe and efficient industrial setup, ATEX cable glands play a pivotal role. These components are vital for ensuring that all electrical installations in explosive atmospheres are safe, reliable, and compliant with international safety standards.

As one of the leaders in manufacturing quality custom metal solutions, Atlas Metal, an esteemed ATEX cable gland manufacturer in Jamnagar, India, emphasises the significance of choosing the right ATEX cable glands for your industry. This comprehensive guide aims to lay the foundation for understanding their importance, ensuring your installations uphold the highest safety standards.

What is ATEX? An Overview of Atex Directives and Standards

ATEX, derived from the French term ‘ATmosphères EXplosibles’, refers to two European Union directives that govern the safety of equipment used in explosive atmospheres. These directives ensure that equipment, including cable glands, can be safely used in hazardous conditions without igniting an explosion.

Understanding these guidelines is key to selecting cable glands that not only meet legal requirements but also maximise safety in your operations.

Types of ATEX Cable Glands: Features and Applications

ATEX cable glands are indispensable in ensuring safety in hazardous areas, with each type tailored for specific conditions and requirements. Understanding the variety and their unique features is essential for making an informed choice that aligns with your industry’s needs.

Increased Safety Glands (Ex e): These glands are designed to eliminate the risk of sparking and ensure that any external explosion does not reach the electrical circuit through the cable. They are best suited for zones where the presence of gas and dust requires a high level of protection but where the risk is not constantly present.

Flameproof Glands (Ex d): Capable of containing any explosion within the device, these glands are ideal for environments where explosive gases or dust are frequently or continuously present. They are engineered to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring that any ignition source is isolated from the hazardous environment.

Dust-proof Glands (Ex t): Specifically designed for areas with a high concentration of dust, these glands prevent the ingress of dust and protect against ignitions of combustible dust layers or clouds. They are essential for industries dealing with fine particulates that could pose an explosion risk.

Glands for Extreme Temperatures: Some environments not only pose risks of explosions but also operate at extreme temperatures. Cable glands designed for such conditions can withstand both the cold and heat, ensuring that their integrity and functionality are not compromised by temperature variations.

Each type of ATEX cable gland is crafted to address specific risks associated with different hazardous zones. Selecting the appropriate gland requires an assessment of various factors. This careful selection ensures that your installations are protected against the unique hazards they face, contributing to a safer working environment.

Factors to Consider When Choosing ATEX Cable Glands

Several critical factors must be considered when selecting ATEX cable glands for your industry. These include the specific zone classification of the installation area, the type of cables being used, the environmental conditions (such as the presence of corrosive substances or extreme temperatures), and the mechanical requirements (like strain relief and cable anchorage). Understanding these factors ensures that the selected cable glands provide optimal safety, reliability, and performance in hazardous environments.

Installation and Maintenance: Ensuring Long-term Safety and Reliability

Ensuring the safety and reliability of ATEX cable glands goes beyond selecting the appropriate model. The installation and maintenance of these components are critical to their performance and the overall safety of the electrical system within hazardous areas.

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines: Each cable gland comes with specific installation instructions from the manufacturer. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial for ensuring the gland’s effectiveness in hazardous environments.

Correct Fitting and Tightening: Proper installation involves ensuring that every component of the cable gland is correctly fitted and securely tightened. This prevents the ingress of hazardous elements and maintains the integrity of the electrical enclosure.

Use of Suitable Tools: Employing the right tools for installation is vital. Using inappropriate tools can damage the gland or the cable, compromising the safety of the installation.
Maintenance Considerations:

Regular Inspection: Schedule regular inspections of cable glands to identify signs of wear, damage, or loosening. Early detection of potential issues can prevent safety hazards.

Following best practices for installation and maintenance ensures ATEX cable glands offer optimal protection over their lifespan. Attention to detail in these processes is crucial for ensuring the safety and efficiency of installations in hazardous areas, protecting both personnel and assets.

Cost Considerations: Balancing Quality and Budget

While cost is an important consideration when selecting ATEX cable glands, it is vital to balance budget constraints with the need for quality and safety. Investing in high-quality cable glands from reputable manufacturers like Atlas Metal can result in greater reliability, reduced maintenance costs, and ultimately, a safer industrial environment.

Conclusion: Making an Informed Decision

Choosing the right ATEX cable glands is a critical decision that affects the safety, efficiency, and compliance of industrial operations in hazardous areas. By understanding the ATEX directives, industries can ensure their electrical installations are safe and reliable. 

We, at Atlas Metal, are committed to providing quality custom metal solutions, including ATEX cable glands, that meet the highest standards of safety and performance. By making an informed decision, you can uphold the safety and efficiency of your operations while adhering to international standards.

ATFIT by Atlas Metal for Precision Fittings Solutions
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ATFIT – Your Ultimate Guide to Precision Fittings Solutions

Atlas Metal has always been synonymous with quality and innovation. The journey, driven by excellence and a commitment to meeting the dynamic needs of industries, has led us to divide our offerings into two main categories, ATCAB and ATFIT. In this blog, we will explore in detail about ATFIT, where we offer an extensive range of fitting solutions that are specially designed to cater to the rigorous demands of modern infrastructure.

A Comprehensive Overview of ATFIT’s Product Range

ATFIT includes a broad array of high-quality metal fittings and components. Each product in our lineup is the result of extensive research, innovation, and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs across various industries. Whether it is for construction, manufacturing, automotive, or any other sector requiring precise and reliable fitting connections, ATFIT has always delivered excellence. Here’s a closer look at the product categories under ATFIT:

Brass Pipe Fittings:

Our brass pipe fittings are crafted with precision to ensure superior performance across a wide range of applications. Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, these fittings are designed to provide leak-proof and corrosion-resistant connections, ensuring longevity and reliability. Ideal for both residential and industrial settings.

Brass Compression Fittings:

Renowned for their ease of use and efficiency, our brass compression fittings offer a perfect solution for applications that demand secure and tight seals. These fittings demonstrate our focus on durability and precision, making them an excellent choice for a variety of plumbing applications. The installation process is also seamless.

Precision Turn Components:

We manufacture precision turn components to meet the demands of highly specialised applications, offering unparalleled precision and quality. From aerospace to electronics, our precision turn components are engineered to fulfil the most demanding requirements, providing accuracy, reliability, and efficiency in every piece.

The ATFIT Edge: Precision Engineering and Quality Assurance

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, combined with stringent quality checks, ensure that every product meets and often exceeds industry standards. This relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that ATFIT products provide outstanding performance, durability, and reliability.

Pushing the Boundaries of Fittings Technology

Innovation is at the core of ATFIT. We continuously explore new materials, designs, and manufacturing techniques to enhance the performance and functionality of our fittings. This commitment to innovation enables us to offer products that lead the industry in efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

Meeting Client-Specific Requirements

Understanding that each client has unique needs, ATFIT specialises in offering customised solutions. Our team works closely with clients to develop fittings that perfectly match their specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.

ATFIT in the International Market

ATFIT’s reputation for quality and excellence has propelled us onto the global stage. Our international presence is proof of our ability to meet the diverse needs of clients worldwide, adhering to global standards of quality and performance.

The Future of Fittings

The future of fittings technology is bright with ATFIT. We are committed to leading the evolution of the industry, continually investing in research and development to introduce the next generation of products. Our vision is to empower industries worldwide with fitting solutions that propel success.

Get in Touch with our Team for Your Fittings Needs

Partnering with ATFIT means choosing a leader in precision fittings solutions. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction ensures that we remain a preferred choice for brass pipe fittings, compression fittings, and precision components. Contact us today to discover how ATFIT can enhance your operations with precision fitting solutions.

Innovative Precision Fittings by ATFIT
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ATCAB – Empowering Industries Worldwide with Cable Management Solutions

With more than 25 years of experience in cable management, ATCAB by Atlas Metal leads the global market in cable management, offering an extensive array of superior cable management solutions, including cable glands, earthing accessories, cable lugs, conduit fittings, cable cleats, and cable ties. Each product of ATCAB is engineered with precision and care, ensuring it meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. The vision is to provide comprehensive solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of various industries, including telecommunications, construction, manufacturing, and energy.

A Comprehensive Range of Cable Management Accessories

In the evolving landscape of industrial and electrical installations, the need for efficient and reliable cable management is critical to ensure the safety and integrity of wiring systems. Recognising this crucial need, ATCAB by Atlas Metal offers a comprehensive range of cable management accessories that meet and exceed the demands of modern installations.

Our extensive portfolio encompasses a variety of solutions:


Cable Glands

Designed to ensure secure cable entry into equipment, cable glands by ATCAB offer a robust sealing mechanism, protecting connections against dust, moisture, and mechanical strain. Available in various materials and configurations, cable glands by ATCAB accommodate a wide range of cable diameters and types, ensuring compatibility with any installation environment.

Earthing Accessories

Safety is a top priority in any electrical installation, and earthing accessories by ATCAB play a crucial role in this regard. By providing a reliable path for fault currents, these accessories ensure the protection of equipment and, more importantly, the safety of personnel. Our range includes earth rods, clamps, and connectors, all designed to meet stringent quality standards.

Cable Lugs

Essential for establishing secure and efficient electrical connections, cable lugs by ATCAB are made from high-conductivity materials for minimal resistance and optimal performance. They are available in a variety of sizes and types to accommodate different wire gauges and connection requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific application.

Conduit Fittings

Protecting cables against external damage and interference is crucial for the longevity and reliability of any electrical system. Conduit fittings by ATCAB offer a versatile solution for routing and protecting wires and cables, available in a range of materials and designs to suit any application, whether it be exposed outdoor installations or concealed indoor wiring.

Cable Cleats

Cable cleats are essential for the management of cables, preventing damage from external forces and ensuring that cables remain in their intended positions. Cable cleats by ATCAB are designed to withstand environmental stresses, providing strong, reliable support for cables of all sizes.

Cable Ties

For general cable management, organisation, and bundling, cable ties by ATCAB offer a simple yet effective solution. The range includes ties of various lengths, strengths, and materials, including options for outdoor use, ensuring that you get the perfect tie for any application.

By offering a comprehensive range of cable management accessories, ATCAB aims to provide customers with complete solutions that address every aspect of cable installation and maintenance.

The ATCAB Advantage: Unmatched Quality and Reliability

ATCAB, by Atlas Metal, is synonymous with quality and reliability. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every product we offer. Through rigorous testing and quality control processes, ATCAB ensures that each product meets the highest standards of performance and durability.

Customised Solutions: Meeting Client-Specific Requirements

Understanding that each project has its unique challenges, ATCAB by Atlas Metal offers customised solutions that are tailored to meet specific requirements. Our team of experts works closely with clients, from concept to completion, ensuring that the products seamlessly integrate into the projects, delivering optimal performance.

ATCAB on the World Stage

ATCAB’s reputation for quality and reliability has earned it a prominent position on the global stage. With a vast distribution network and partnerships across the globe, ATCAB products are preferred by various industries.

Get in Touch with our Team

At ATCAB, we are dedicated to providing industries worldwide with innovative, high-quality cable management solutions. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the right products for your needs, ensuring your projects are equipped for success. Contact us today to discover how ATCAB can enhance your operations with superior cable management solutions.

Innovative Cable Management Solutions by Atlas Metal
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A Journey of Innovation and Excellence in the Metal Industry

For the past 25 years, Atlas Metal has been at the forefront of innovation in the metal industry, establishing itself as a beacon of excellence and reliability. From its humble beginnings, Atlas Metal has grown into a global leader, known for its quality custom metal solutions and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. This blog takes a journey through the milestones and achievements that have defined our legacy, highlighting our contributions to the industry and the world at large.

The Founding Vision: Beginning with Brass

Atlas Metal’s journey began with a focus on brass pipe fittings, an area where our passion for quality and precision quickly set us apart. Our dedication to crafting the finest brass pipe fittings established a strong foundation for our company. By ensuring each product met our rigorous standards, we not only satisfied the immediate needs of our clients but also laid the groundwork for future innovations.

Technological Evolution: State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Our commitment to excellence drove us to embrace technological advancements, transforming our manufacturing processes. Today, Atlas Metal stands as a prime example of modern efficiency, with state-of-the-art facilities that prioritise precision and sustainability. This evolution has enabled us to expand our offerings beyond brass pipe fittings, venturing into other metals and materials while maintaining our hallmark quality.

ATCAB: The Mark of Quality in Electrical Components

The introduction of ATCAB, our signature line of electrical components, marked a significant milestone in our journey. These products, known for their durability and reliability, quickly became synonymous with quality in the industry. As cable tie manufacturers in India sought to meet the growing demand for robust electrical solutions, ATCAB stood out for its excellence, solidifying Atlas Metal’s reputation as a leader in the field.

Introducing ATFIT: Precision in Every Turn

ATFIT, our range of precision-engineered fittings, showcases our commitment to innovation. Each piece embodies the meticulous attention to detail that has become our signature. From pipe fitting manufacturers to those in need of specialised solutions, ATFIT offers unmatched quality and versatility, reflecting our deep understanding of the industry’s needs.

A Diverse Portfolio: Brass, Zinc, and Stainless Steel

Our product range has grown to include brass, zinc, and stainless steel, allowing us to serve a broader spectrum of industries. This diversity reflects our adaptability and our desire to meet the changing needs of our clients. Whether it is brass pipe fittings or zinc and stainless steel components, Atlas Metal ensures each product meets our high standards of quality and performance.

Customisation and Customer Satisfaction: The Core of Our Business

At Atlas Metal, we believe in the power of customisation to meet specific client needs. Our approach to customer satisfaction is rooted in our ability to tailor solutions, ensuring that every product we deliver serves its intended purpose perfectly. This customer-centric philosophy has been key to our success and longevity in the industry.

Global Footprint: Expanding Beyond Borders

Over the years, Atlas Metal has expanded its reach beyond national boundaries, establishing a presence in international markets. Our global footprint is a testament to our quality, reliability, and the universal appeal of our products. As cable tie manufacturers in India and pipe fitting manufacturers worldwide have discovered, partnering with Atlas Metal means gaining access to a legacy of excellence.

Conclusion: Celebrating 25 Years of Metal Mastery

As we celebrate 25 years of metal mastery, we look back with pride at the journey that has brought us here. Atlas Metal has not just survived but thrived, thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We are grateful to our clients, partners, and employees who have been part of this incredible journey. Looking forward, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible, continuing to serve as a leader in the metal industry for years to come.

Cover-Revolutionising Metal Production The Impact of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
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Revolutionising Metal Production: The Impact of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Brass pipe fittings, cable tie manufacturers, and cable gland manufacturers play significant roles in the metal industry’s supply chain. These components are essential for various applications, from construction to electrical installations, providing functionality and durability to the final products.

In a time where efficiency, sustainability, and quality are the pillars of success, the metal industry is equally propelled by technological advancements. Advanced manufacturing technologies are not just optional upgrades; they are essential components that shape the future of metal production.

This comprehensive exploration dives into the profound impact of these technologies, unveiling how they revolutionise processes, products, and paradigms in the metal industry. As Atlas Metal, one of the leaders in delivering quality custom metal solutions, we are at the vanguard of this transformative journey, manufacturing the metals that build tomorrow’s world.

The Evolution of Manufacturing Technology in the Metal Industry

The metal industry’s journey from manual labour to automation and now to advanced manufacturing is a testament to human ingenuity and the relentless pursuit of progress. Traditional methods, once the backbone of production, paved the way for the initial waves of mechanisation and automation, setting the stage for today’s technological marvels.

This evolution reflects a history of adaptation and innovation, where each leap forward was driven by the desire to overcome limitations of speed, precision, and scale. In this context, advanced manufacturing technologies emerged as the next frontier, offering solutions that are not just improvements but transformative shifts in how metal is produced, processed, and perfected.

Key Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Transforming Metal Production

Advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, and artificial intelligence (AI) are reshaping the metal industry. 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, allows for the creation of complex metal parts with unprecedented precision and flexibility. Robotics has taken over repetitive and hazardous tasks, ensuring consistent quality while improving worker safety. Meanwhile, AI and machine learning algorithms optimise production processes, predict maintenance needs, and enhance decision-making. These technologies collectively enable custom solutions at scale, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in metal production.

Benefits of Integrating Advanced Technologies in Metal Manufacturing

Enhancing Product Quality through Precision Engineering

Advanced manufacturing technologies bring unparalleled precision to metal production, significantly elevating product quality. Techniques like laser cutting and 3D printing produce parts with exacting tolerances, meeting stringent specifications with consistency. This precision engineering ensures that every product not only meets but exceeds customer expectations in quality and performance.

Boosting Efficiency and Productivity on the Production Floor

Efficiency and productivity are serious concerns of the production floor, where advanced technologies play a critical role. Automation and robotics are key in streamlining workflows, reducing production times, and minimising errors. Innovative maintenance strategies, grounded in detailed monitoring and analysis, anticipate equipment needs, significantly reducing downtime. These advancements lead to quicker turnaround times and greater throughput, ensuring Atlas Metal remains at the forefront of the metal industry’s cutting edge.

Fostering Faster Innovation: From Concept to Market

The integration of advanced technologies accelerates the journey from concept to market, empowering manufacturers to swiftly respond to changing market demands. Rapid prototyping and flexible manufacturing systems allow for quick iterations and adjustments, significantly shortening development cycles. This agility fosters innovation, enabling Atlas Metal and others to launch pioneering products and solutions at an unprecedented pace.

Challenges and Solutions in Implementing Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Navigating the Skill Gap in High-tech Manufacturing

The shift towards high-tech manufacturing introduces a skill gap, as the workforce must adapt to new technologies and processes. Atlas Metal addresses this challenge through comprehensive training programs, ensuring our team remains at the forefront of industry expertise.

Positioning for the Future: Atlas Metal’s Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

As we look to the future, Atlas Metal remains steadfast in our commitment to excellence and innovation. We understand that the landscape of metal manufacturing is continually evolving, driven by advancements in technology and changing market demands.

By staying at the forefront of these changes, investing in the latest technologies, and nurturing a skilled and adaptable workforce, we position ourselves not just to respond to the future but to shape it. Our dedication to delivering quality custom metal solutions drives us to explore new frontiers, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in metal production and setting new standards for the industry.

The role of advanced manufacturing technology in metal production is crucial. It offers great opportunities to improve efficiency, quality, and innovation. In today’s changing industry, using these technologies isn’t just important; it is necessary for businesses to thrive.

Atlas Metal’s Journey: Embracing Advanced Manufacturing for Superior Products

Investment in State-of-the-art Machinery

Atlas Metal’s strategic investment in state-of-the-art machinery has been a game-changer, enhancing every aspect of our production capabilities. From laser cutters to automated assembly lines, our facility harnesses the latest in advanced manufacturing, ensuring precision, efficiency, and scalability. This commitment to cutting-edge technology underpins our leadership in delivering quality custom metal solutions.

Customisation at Scale: Meeting Diverse Customer Needs

The ability to offer customisation at scale is a hallmark of our technological prowess. Advanced manufacturing technologies enable us to tailor products to specific customer requirements, regardless of order size. This flexibility, combined with our commitment to quality and precision, allows us to serve a broad spectrum of industries, meeting their unique needs with bespoke solutions.

The Future of Metal Manufacturing: Trends and Predictions

As we look ahead, the metal manufacturing industry is poised for further transformative changes. Trends such as the rise of green manufacturing practices and the ongoing development of new materials and techniques promise to redefine what is possible. These advancements will not only enhance operational efficiencies and product qualities but also open new avenues for sustainable and innovative metal solutions.


The future of metal manufacturing is bright, and Atlas Metal is proud to be at its forefront, driving progress and innovation for years to come.

At Atlas Metal, we fully embrace this idea, focusing on the latest manufacturing methods. We also specialise in manufacturing customised solutions for brass pipe fittings, cable ties, and cable glands. By always striving to improve and aiming for excellence, we harness the full potential of these advancements.

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